The main attraction of Poltava city is its women, for sure! ;-) No man will remain indifferent to seeing so many beautiful ladies strolling the streets well-dressed and wearing high-hills.

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Poltava is a great city to visit and is a very hospitable place. The visitors of Poltava can choose any accommodation for their stay. There are many options to choose from in Poltava.

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About Poltava

Poltava is a very lively city with the population of over 300 000 people. Walking along the city, you will be amazed by its gorgeous architecture and its well-preserved architectural monuments.

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What is there to love about girls in Thailand and a Thai hookup?

Thailand has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations in South-East Asia for various reason: its rich cultural and historical heritage, pleasant weather, the sea and exotic beaches, delicious street eats and cheap accommodation options. It’s also the opportunity of having an easy Thai hookup that makes men from all the world flock to Thailand in great numbers.

Single men from The United States, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe are more than happy to have a relationship with a Thai woman, whether it’s just a one night stand, a long term commitment, or anything in between.

Now, most of these men will have a skewed idea about an average Thai girls based upon boastful stories of friend of friend who had a two week vacations in Thailand a couple of years back. In reality, the majority of Thai women have nothing to do with those stereotypes. A typical Thai girl is more sophisticated and interesting than you may think.

Breaking the myths about Thai women

There are plenty of misconceptions about Thai girls that give a western man a wrong idea and false expectation. As a rule, most foreigners things a Thai woman to be a quiet, subservient and uncomplaining creature who’ll respond with a smile to everything you do or say. Needles to say, it’s a ridiculous assumption, and absolutely not true.

Also, westerners tend to think that any Thai woman is willing to sleep with them if only they have a little money. While life is touch for many people in Thailand, there are plenty of contemporary and progressive girls that make their own living in large cities, and they are not desperate to offer an overweight old western any sex services in exchange for a certain amount.

The majority of Thai women do have standards, and if they agree to have anything to do with a foreigner, they have certain expectations from this relationship.

Yes, you will see quite a lot of couples in which a beautiful Thai girl keeps company to an older foreign man. It would be naive to assume that it has nothing to do with money. But if you’re an ugly and fat slob in flip-flops and old tattered shorts, no Thai women will have anything to do with you, except the most desperate call girls perhaps. The more accomplished, stylish and handsome you are, the better girl you will end up with, even if it’s just for a quick Thai hookup.

Your encounter with a Thai girl can be very rewarding, but you’re expected to be a man if a certain level and offer something in return. You can’t expect women to fall desperately in love with you if you treat them like dirt. Yu can’t expect girls to jump on you if you have a very vague idea about personal hygiene and a way to dress. Yes, perhaps it’s way easier to please a Thai woman than a woman in your home country, but you’re supposed to put some effort in order to win her affection.

What is there to like about Thai girls?

There are plenty of reasons why one would consider having a Thai hookup with one of the local women. Let’s have a closer look at some of them:

Thai girls are exceedingly beautiful

Let’s face it, it’s because Thai women are so attractive and alluring that a western man would lose his head over her. Thai girls are world famous for their beautiful appearance, slim bodies, exotic looks and pleasant faces. Not only they are naturally gifted with attractive features and proportional bodies, but an average Thai girl would take a great deal of trouble in order to look beautiful and alluring.

Usually her efforts are justified. A typical Thai woman makes a man’s heart skip a beat. They also dress up in very feminine manner, always preferring a cute dress to jeans and t-shirt. You’ll see lots of girls wearing beautiful flowing dresses, miniskirts, crop tops, and figure hugging seductive outfits. Generally speaking, women in Thailand provide a great visual treat to an average man from a western world.

Not only young Thai girls look attractive – mature women are stylish and beautiful, too, and they tend to age well. You will hardly see any Thai woman gaining huge amounts of weight once they are in n established relationship or after childbirth.

Thai women are never lazy in bed

A Thai woman is well aware of importance of an active sex life. Physical intimacy with women in Thailand is diverse, thrilling and exciting, and this is one of the reasons why western men look for a casual Thai hookup. Even if you’re in a stable relationship with a Thai woman, your sex life will not fade away. On the contrary, she’ll do her best to keep you motivated and interested. This is a very refreshing attitude, especially for those who experienced sexless weeks upon week when being married to a western woman.

An average Thai girl is very forgiving and understanding

Even if you happen to have a fight with a Thai woman for whatever reason, she’ll behave totally normal in just a couple of hours. She won’t be angry with you or vengeful; she’ll genuinely forgive you and move on with her life.

Reconciliation after a fight is easy in Thailand, and you won’t have to ruin your vacation (or long-term stay) because of an after-effect of a silly fight. Generally speaking, a Thai girl will do everything to avoid fights and confrontations in the first place. They can even lie if needed in order to conceal unpleasant truth. According to them, if you don’t talk about a problem, it will disappear. And very often they are right.

Girls in Thailand are very feminine

Generally speaking, Thai girls approve of traditional gender roles. They like a man to be masculine, assertive and decisive, and a woman, according to them, should be feminine, gentle, loving and soft spoken. This has nothing to do with being subservient, it’s just natural for people of different genders to be different in nature, and together they form a harmonious couple.

This is the kind of attitude that is rarely encountered in present day western world. Women are like men and men are like women in many developed countries in this day and age. And whether it has anything to do with femininity or not, a Thai woman doesn’t expect her man to do any housework (cooking, cleaning, washing up or doing laundry).

She expects him to be a breadwinner and provider. Of course, this is hardly important if you visit the country for a casual Thai hookup, but if you’re interested in something more, this is definitely an advantage of having a Thai woman as a partner.

There is always a Thai girl available

What is great about Thailand is that there is no shortage of available girls who are in searches of their Mr. Right. Thai girls are very friendly and hospitable with foreigners. Having a foreign boyfriend is kind of a status symbol for many of them, it’s considered prestigious and something to be proud of.

Besides, a lot of Thai men are either transsexual or gay, and it’s just question of imbalanced male to female ratio in Thailand. In any case, a western man who keeps to certain standards will always find a nice girl in this country, whether it’s for a quick hookup or dating.

Thai women are rather approachable

If you make an eye contact with Thai girl, walk up to her, smile and pay her a compliment, she’ll never give you an impolite response. Even if she’s not interested, you’ll be rejected in a very polite and gentle manner. Lots of men are kind of traumatized by rude responses of western women to being approached. This is something that will never happen in Thailand, so you can easily start picking up girls without fear of being laughed or shouted at.

Most common Thai women’s shortcomings

With all the advantages of dating a Thai woman or having a Thai hookup, there are certain things you should be aware of. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

A Thai woman always puts her family before a relationship with a man

Even if you have the best relationship in the world, it will always take a back seat if she’s needed in her family. Yes, Thai girls are very family oriented, and this kind of attitude can hardly be considered a shortcoming, but sometimes you just can’t help feeling left out.

You never know what she actually thinks

You don’t have to wait too long to sleep with a Thai woman. But it will take her much longer to actually start speaking her mind to you. Once again, it can hardly be counted as a negative aspect. Just remember how much personal stuff an average western woman is ready to pour out before she even considers sleeping with you.

A language barrier if often an obstacle

It’s quite challenging to communicate with Thai girls unless you master their language. Thai language is extremely difficult for a foreigner to learn, and it’s hardly an option for you if you visit the country for a limited period of time with an easy Thai hookup in mind. Many girls in larger cities of Thailand do speak some English, but usually it’s not enough to hold a meaningful conversation.

You should be aware of cultural differences

In spite of globalization, Asian culture is still very different from western norms when it comes to relationships between men and women. You should familiarize yourself with rules of hookup culture in Thailand before starting your pick up game. This way you’ll be able to avoid a great many mistakes and disappointments.

A Thai woman can be very jealous

Even if you’re in a “no strings attached” relationship with a Thai woman, she may turn incredibly jealous. Women in Thailand do allow a man a lot of personal freedom, but at the same time they don’t like him to stare at other girls or sleeping around.

As you can see, with women like this a county is well worth visiting. Have a great time in Thailand!

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