The main attraction of Poltava city is its women, for sure! ;-) No man will remain indifferent to seeing so many beautiful ladies strolling the streets well-dressed and wearing high-hills.

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Poltava is a great city to visit and is a very hospitable place. The visitors of Poltava can choose any accommodation for their stay. There are many options to choose from in Poltava.

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About Poltava

Poltava is a very lively city with the population of over 300 000 people. Walking along the city, you will be amazed by its gorgeous architecture and its well-preserved architectural monuments.

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Poltava Clubs and Restaurants

Being a modern city with a great amount of young people, Poltava can boast a very vibrant night life. The choice of clubs, bars and restaurants is really immense. One small article is not enough to enumerate all of them, to say nothing of telling at least a word about each of these places. Everyone will find here a place to their liking, most likely, more than one.

 Dance Club ‘Show Hall’ makes part of the ‘Split’ entertainment complex that also offers casino and restaurant to its guests. ‘Show Hall’ boasts an excellent reputation and is truly one of the best night clubs in the city. The most frequent guests are Poltava prosperous youth, however, you can also meet older people here. The place is very popular due to its unusual coziness, modern interior, perfect audio system and courteous personnel. Another reason to this is that the client can change the type of the entertainment within the “Split” complex. Cuisine served here is: European, vegetarian, author, international, Russian and mixed.

‘Villa Crocodile’ is a modern Rock'N'Roll cafe in Poltava. Live concerts and thematic parties are taking place here almost all the time. This place is a guarantee of your good mood. The place has two dance floors and full bar. It is a great place for sociable people, who like to listen to good quality music and dance a lot.

‘Kashtanovaya Alleya’ is one of the top restaurants in Poltava. It offers a wide variety of dishes and drinks. The restaurant has European style design and meets world’s restaurant standards.    
Restaurant ‘Rivyeara’ is an ideal place for home coziness lovers. Here you will be amazed by openness and hospitality of the working personnel. ‘Rivyeara’ has its own parking lot and summer area. The cuisine served is national and European.
If you check on-line, you will find many more restaurants and night clubs in Poltava. Your stay time won’t be enough to visit all of them, so select the best ones only!

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