The main attraction of Poltava city is its women, for sure! ;-) No man will remain indifferent to seeing so many beautiful ladies strolling the streets well-dressed and wearing high-hills.

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Poltava is a great city to visit and is a very hospitable place. The visitors of Poltava can choose any accommodation for their stay. There are many options to choose from in Poltava.

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About Poltava

Poltava is a very lively city with the population of over 300 000 people. Walking along the city, you will be amazed by its gorgeous architecture and its well-preserved architectural monuments.

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Marrying Ukrainian beauty. The best women for love and family

Why marrying a Ukrainian woman is the aim of most of the guys? Why these girls are so popular among different men? At the you will find all the answers. And we will share how to impress them.

Representatives of the beautiful half of mankind are for men not just the keepers of the hearth, they can also rightly be called real pearls of life, which adorn the gray destiny of men. Therefore, guys are always obliged to attentively treat the girls, take care of them and protect them. Today's article will be devoted to how you can surprise your beloved girl, what you need to do and how to do it.  So, let's begin!

How to surprise a girl without money. Money in the life of any man plays one of the most important roles, with the help of them they solve problems, feed and dress the family and, of course, surprise their beloved girls by giving them gifts and just signs of attention. When there is no money, or there are very few of them, a man can even panic, because he never thinks of how to surprise a girl without money. However, there are a lot of options: write a poem, perform a song, write music, make dinner or breakfast, show the most beautiful view of the city, grow beautiful flowers for her, fulfill her requests at last (hang a picture, screw a light bulb, fix a faucet, and so on.).

How to surprise a girl online. Everyone knows that different social networks are one of the most popular websites where a lot of people communicate daily. We can not talk with a hundred percent certainty, however your girlfriend is also likely to visit them very often for example “Facebook” or “Twitter”, so you have a chance to surprise her there. For this you can buy a place in the advertising section, where you can place words with congratulations and her photo. In addition, you can send in a personal message a beautiful poem that contains the words of love. You can also leave love messages in the comments on the wall. You can also use the social network as a means of communication: by inviting her to dinner in a restaurant.

How to make a nice surprise. In order to make your surprise pleasant, you should know the girl and her tastes well. For example, some girls prefer romance, so they will really like the offer to meet on the beach, and those girls who are closer to the drive and the thrill will be pleasantly surprised by the offer - together jump off the parachute and in the air to drink a bottle of champagne. Remember that each girl is individual, so a PLEASANT surprise for everyone will be also individual.

How to surprise a girl on a distance. Do you think that a girl can be surprised only at a real date? If yes, you are mistaken! Even in spite of the great distance, you still have the opportunity to make the girl smile and think about you. For this you can buy a gift and deliver it by courier, and the courier will deliver the gift personally to the hands, any place of the city. You can use the delivery of flowers at home, for this purpose find in the city in which she lives a flower online store and make an order, you can even order in an ordinary store, for this it is enough to know the phone and the account to which you need to transfer money. In extreme cases, you can unexpectedly come to the city, and meet her on the street with flowers, thereby causing her a storm of pleasant emotions.

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